Sunday, January 1, 2012

Choose the Gender of Your Baby???

Some scientists think you can  influence the gender of your baby. How does this work? They base their research upon the best conditions for X (the female sperm) and Y (the male sperm) to live. Here is what they say you can to to make home for a boy or girl!

Location, location, location!

The sexual position you use to get pregnant may be the deciding factor in whether your having a boy or a
girl. Deeper penetrating positions are said to produce a boy, where as shallow penetrating position can produce a baby girl. This has to do with the skills of the X and Y sperm. Y sperm swims the fastest but is very weak and, the X sperm is slower but much stronger. Suggested sex position for achieving a boy, doggy style. Suggested sex position for achieving a girl, missionary (with shallow penetration).

Timing Can be Key:

If your hoping to make a baby boy, you should plan to have sex 1 day before, or on the day of ovulation. If you are hoping to make a baby girl, you should plan to have sex 3-4 day's before ovulation. Why is this so? Sperm can live 4-5 days inside a female. Since the Y sperm will die far before the X, planning intercourse earlier than ovulation is key for having a girl, and right on time is key for having a boy. The most accurate way to predict ovulation is an ovulation test.

Great Balls of Fire!

According to the Shettles Method, having high scrotum temperature can kill the Y sperm, increasing your chances of having a girl. So, if you want a boy, avoid getting hot balls. If you want a girl, have your guy take a nice hot bath before intercourse.

Eating for a Desired Gender:

The PH balance in the female can also play a deciding factor in whether you are to have a boy or girl.
The Y sperm prefer a alkaline environment. Therefore to produce a boy you should be eating foods such as: Meat (the redder the better), Salty Snacks, Nuts, basically any foods that are high in Sodium or Potassium.
The X sperm prefer a acidic environment. Eating foods such as fish, fruits, veggies and chocolate. Foods that are rich in Calcium and Magnesium are ideal for producing a girl.

To Orgasm or not to Orgasm?

A female orgasm can produce a alkaline ph in the women's body producing an environment that is ideal for the male sperm to thrive. Therefore if you are looking to make a baby girl, you should not orgasm. This will keep the environment acidic.

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